You likely know regular exercise provides a wealth of health benefits, from weight control to lower blood pressure. But did you know that physical activity also helps reduce inflammation? Research shows even one 20-minute exercise session can produce anti-inflammatory effects.
Whether you already have a workout routine or want to start a new program, make sure you use dynamic stretching as a warm-up. Check out this article from the Arthritis Foundation for examples of active stretching. (They also offer guidance for targeted upper and lower body stretches.)
Now you’re ready to move on to the workout! Here are a few ways to reduce inflammation naturally, through exercises you can do at home.

  • Walking is one of the best exercises we can do to improve our overall well-being. Walk at home on your treadmill if you have one, or through your neighborhood or nearby park.
  • Yoga. No matter your current level of activity or range of motion, there are yoga stretches that fit you. Try these 10 beginner poses you can safely practice at home.
  • Low-impact moves. Incorporate these four low-impact exercises older adults can do every day to improve strength, mobility and balance.
  • App-provided programs. Utilize your smartphone or tablet to explore workout programs through:
    • Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout: includes jumping jacks, squats, lunges, wall sits and more
    • 7-Minute Chi: focuses on strength, balance, flexibility and range of motion
    • Flip50: helps you move more, eat well and even tame stress
    • Daily Burn: stream more than 1,000 workouts for free
    • You Are Your Own Gym: offers 200 bodyweight exercises — no equipment needed

After you exercise, foam roll to help reduce inflammation and muscle soreness.

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