Managing muscle cramps and spasms starts with 3 things:

  1. Realizing it’s time to take control
  2. Choosing Theraworx Relief
  3. Ensuring you’re using Theraworx Relief the right way

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at #3 to make sure you’re getting the maximum benefits Theraworx Relief can provide.


For prevention
If you remember nothing else from this article, remember this: consistency is key! Using Theraworx Relief every day is the best way to prevent muscle cramps and spasms. We suggest first thing in the morning, midday, and at bedtime.

For quick relief
Of course, even when you’re doing all the right things to prevent muscle cramps and spasms, you may still experience them from time to time. Remember to apply Theraworx Relief right when you feel a muscle cramp or spasm coming on for fast relief.

Other times you should use Theraworx Relief
Using Theraworx Relief 2-3 times a day is great for preventing daytime and nighttime muscle cramps and spasms. You also want to make sure you’re using Theraworx Relief before, after, and during activities that can trigger muscle cramps and spasms. For example:

  • Gardening or yard work
  • Long drives
  • Standing on your feet all day
  • Being in the heat for a long time

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Tips & tricks from actual users
Here are some ideas for making Theraworx Relief a part of your daily routine:

  • If you have trouble remembering to do things in the morning or at bedtime, keep a bottle of Theraworx Relief by something you use without fail every morning and night—like your toothbrush.
  • Place bottles of Theraworx Relief in a few different areas of the house so it’s always in sight and within reach. Your nightstand is a must!
  • Keep Theraworx Relief in your purse, backpack, laptop bag, etc. so you have it when you’re on the go.


Remember to rub Theraworx Relief into the entire muscle—not just the spot where you’re experiencing the cramp or spasm. For example, if you get a charley horse in the middle of your calf, put Theraworx Relief on the whole calf muscle. If you get one in your quadricep, put Theraworx Relief on your whole thigh. Watch our quick how-to videos to get the most from Theraworx Relief.


While the foam is the most popular option, Theraworx Relief also comes in a spray, which is available at many retail stores. Both products contain the same ingredients, but it’s important to understand that each one requires a different number of pumps or sprays, and the way you apply each one is a bit different:

Foam = 4 total pumps

Put 2 pumps on your hand. Rub into the muscle. Let dry. Repeat.

Spray = 12-16 total sprays

Apply 6-8 sprays directly onto the muscle. Rub into the muscle. Let dry. Repeat.

Tips & tricks from actual users
Try these ideas for easy application:

  • Foam users, shake the bottle gently and briefly to avoid the product coming out runny. We recommend a swirling motion vs. up and down.
  • If you have weakness or arthritis in your hands or fingers, consider trying the foam over the spray, which is easier to use for some people. You may also benefit from our anti-inflammatory therapy system, Theraworx Relief for Joint Discomfort and Inflammation.


  • Make sure you apply Theraworx Relief and let it dry completely BEFORE applying other topical products like lotions and creams, and before putting on clothing or getting into bed.
  • Don’t forget that Theraworx Relief also helps relieve the soreness following a muscle cramp. Use it a few times after a cramp to help reduce that soreness.
  • Theraworx Relief can also help ease muscle tightness. We recommend applying it and then doing some light stretches for maximum relief.

We hope you found this article helpful! Whenever you need some quick reminders, visit the How to Use page on our website. You’ll find easy instructions plus helpful videos showing how to apply Theraworx Relief to your legs and feet. For more ways to help prevent muscle cramps and spasms, check out this blog post.