If you suffer from restless legs syndrome (RLS), those twitchy, itchy, creepy-crawly symptoms can disrupt your sleep—and even your life. But did you know that making certain lifestyle changes, such as beginning a moderate exercise program, may help you ease symptoms of RLS?

Exercise can help relieve RLS symptoms by:

  • Increasing blood flow to the leg muscles
  • Releasing the feel-good brain chemicals called endorphins, which help reduce stress and promote good sleep
  • Increasing another feel-good brain chemical called dopamine, which helps reduce pain

No need to invest in a bunch of equipment or start training for a marathon—easy, low-impact workouts are all you need to reap these benefits! The Theraworx Relief team rounded up some resources on a few of our favorites.

Low-Impact, Highly Effective Exercises

  1. Walking is one of the best low-impact, low-investment exercises you can do. A good pair of shoes is really all you need. Harvard Health offers these 6 tips to help you keep a walking regimen on track.
  2. Swimming is another great option for a low-impact workout. Regardless of your ability and experience, people of all ages can swim. Check out this article from MyFitnessPal to get started.
  3. Yoga is a great exercise because in addition to getting you moving, it can increase flexibility and reduce stress! New to yoga? No worries. Shape Magazine breaks down the different types of yoga to help you find which yoga style is right for you.
  4. Tai Chi (or T’ai Chi Ch’üan) was originally conceived as a martial art, but because of its many health benefits, the practice has become a popular exercise option. Like our other low-impact exercise picks, Tai Chi’s slow and gentle movements can be done by virtually anyone, regardless of age or health status. You can practice Tai Chi at home with a video, or check out this guide to beginner moves on Livestrong.com.
  5. Cycling allows you to work up a sweat without stressing your joints. One of the best parts of cycling outdoors is that it’s so invigorating, you can easily burn lots of calories without feeling like you’re working that hard. Cycling Weekly offers some great tips to get you off to the best start.

Important note: Always consult your healthcare professional before beginning any exercise program. This general information on restless legs syndrome is not intended to diagnose any medical condition or to replace your healthcare professional’s advice.

Consider Theraworx Relief

If you suffer from RLS, ask your doctor or pharmacist if Theraworx Relief is right for you. In a research study including patients diagnosed with RLS, Theraworx Relief was shown to reduce symptoms commonly associated with and accompanying RLS, including muscle cramps and spasms.

To learn more about RLS, from causes to managing it and more, read our article chock-full of RLS facts.