From Heart-Healthy Foods to Exercise Ideas

Any time is a good time to take charge of your health. But if you need some extra motivation to get started now, February is American Heart Month! Here are 5 things you can do to make sure you’re taking care of your ticker:

  1. Follow a heart-healthy diet. Did you know eating can actually lower your risk of heart disease?! Well, you can’t eat just anything. Check out these 15 heart-healthy foods and flavorful recipes.

  2. Get your numbers checked. If you haven’t already, schedule your annual checkup with your doctor or cardiologist. Here are some important numbers your doctor may check to ensure your heart is in good shape.

  3. Recruit an exercise partner or join a gym. You’ll be more likely to stay committed when someone is counting on you to show up every morning, or when you’re paying for a gym membership! If you’re 65 or older, SilverSneakers® is a great health and fitness program that’s included with many Medicare Advantage Plans.

  4. Sign up for a walk or run. Knowing you have an event around the corner can motivate you to get in shape now. Check to see if there’s an upcoming American Heart Association Heart Walk in your area, or search to find any number of walks/runs.

  5. Learn the warning signs of heart attack and stroke. Leading a healthy lifestyle goes a long way, but sometimes even when we do all the right things, a heart attack, stroke or cardiac arrest can strike. Learn how to recognize the signs early, and if you or someone else is experiencing them, call 911 to get help as quickly as possible.

These are just a handful of ways to embrace American Heart Month. Choose what makes your heart happy, and check with your doctor if you need exercise and nutrition guidance.